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Meaning of the kp jewelry mark.
by: Anonymous

Hi thank you for writing in. Let's try and tackle your first question which I believe is the one in the heading title box.

Most probably the 4 kp is 14 kp, perhaps you are unable to see the first number of the karat mark clearly (you could try using a magnifying glass or jewelers loupe) or the mark may have faded away over time, which I doubt, as k followed by p was only introduced in 1978.

Information on how to use a Jewelers Loupe.

It just may have been worn a lot!
Regardless, the karat mark followed by the letters "kp" was a guarantee from the manufacturer that the metal composition was no more or no less than 14 k (or whatever the carat mark might be). It means PLUMB Gold.

Some people mistake this mark for gold plate.

To save confusion could you please post your second question in a new submission.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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