75 C Bird Pin

by Nancy Lie-Winters
(Carrollton, TX, USA)

Bird pin

Bird pin

A Bird pin with movable head, ruby eye, turquoise cabochon on body. About 3" wing span by 2.5" Height.

Pin was given to my mother by friend who traveled a great deal and had a rich husband. She had a lot of fine jewelry and when my mother passed away, I've been trying to research it's origin, hallmark and approximate value.

75C is stamped with what looks like a triangle to the right and what also looks like a jewelers stamp underneath. I can't make out the stamp but it looks like a capital L with deep ---- underneath another letter that looks like maybe an l and a tiny mark next to that. It definitely is interesting, unique and very pretty but I haven't a clue as to what the 75C means or other than it being from a foreign country... where it came from.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Where are the markings?

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