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Gold Percentages & TESTING gold
by: Anonymous

British gold marks :
22ct .916
18ct .750
15ct .625
12ct .500
9ct .375
The British use Ct (carat) instead of k for gold designation.

Before the metals act was passed in 1906 there were a lot of misleading marks being used. For example, the mark 14 and 18 followed by a cross (4 points, NOT a star) was the trade mark of Clark & Coombs, Providence, RI used for GOLD FILLED rings.

There are many rings made in the 1800' s still in circulation, marked "SOLID GOLD" when they were in fact heavy gold filled rings.

Im just wondering if there are other things that might make you suspect about the gold composition?

You can also test gold your self using digital gold testing equipment or the old favorite way to test gold - "acid testing". The "acid testing" kit comes in a wooden box and contains acid solutions for 18kt 14kt and 10kt.

Thanks for writing to us!
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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