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K Letters on Silver Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Meg can you tell us anything more about the brooch? For instance, are the marks antique marks, or do you think they might be vintage jewelry hallmarks?

I mention Finland here, because Finland has had an illustrious history of silver jewelry making that goes back thousands of years. Articles of jewelry from AD 500-1100, known as KALEVALA Jewelry and there are modern very accurate reproductions of it made by Finnish craftsmen from the 1930s, emphasizing simplicity of design and featuring the use of native gemstones rather than intricate design. In a world of over-complexity, I find Finnish Jewelry refreshing.

About the letter "K" you have to be quite certain here, and this is why an image is important when making a hallmark determination, although it's understandable, for a variety of reasons, some visitors of a highly artistic nature can often be technically challenged, and simply unable to send in photos.

The following jewelry manufacturer incorporates the letter K. Back to back letter K - two letter Ks. One K is backwards.

KALEVALA KORU OY - Manufacturing Jewelers, Helsinki, Finland - ca 1935 - Present

I'm not sure about ONE letter K. You might like to search in the link - US Jewelry Marks 1922 - From the Jeweler's Index 1922 edition in the Jewelry Resources Here.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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