about the NGTAN18K Hallmark

by Ellen Likes
(Camp Point, IL USA)

Top View

Top View

Hi…The hallmark that I’m trying to identify is: NGTAN18K

I purchased a box of junk at an estate auction. In that box was a gold jade and diamond ring. It is clearly marked 18K along with the hallmark that I am trying to identify.

The ring features a row of 5 small old mine cut diamonds on both ends of the piece of jade? though 3 stones are missing. Also on the outside bottom of the shank there are two numbers stamped. Both are the number 2.

I have attached a photo but if you would want to see the other two photos that show the hallmark and the bottom side of the shank which has the outside number, please advise.

It looks old and was just wondering about it. Any ideas?

I anxiously await your comments.

Thanks so much!

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