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Country Marks on Antique Gold Ring marked A. Bros
by: Yvonne

OK. Well, Bonnie the first thing is to establish the country of origin. UK (England, Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland) & IRELAND: Mostly 3-5 Marks, not necessarily aligned or oriented the same. Marks include maker's mark, Town mark, Standard (Purity) mark, Date Letter, and Duty mark.

From your description, it appears the antique gold ring has been made in Birmingham, UK , the anchor being the assay office of Birmingham and the crown, the standard mark for 18 carat gold. Although the possibility exists, that it could be a pseudo British Mark.

The problem here, as you no doubt have discovered, there is no mention of a date letter.

So, the clue might be found in the standard mark. In 1854 there was a major change to hallmarking, before that date there was no 9ct, 12ct or 15ct items. That doesn't however necessarily mean that 18ct gold jewelry ceased production altogether but the tell tale signs of earlier 1800s rather than late 1800s might be found in the antique diamonds themselves, which you say are rose cut diamond.

Rose cut diamonds are a very early antique diamond cut in the evolution of diamond cuts.

This antique gold ring, was made sometime around the 1800's but it's a hard call without a date letter, ( or a photo of the maker's mark) to pin-point whether early 1800's or the later half of the century. You should try to identify the maker's mark, A. Bros.

Identifying the maker will solve the date problem.

There are a number of UK. makers - "A. Bros" but without seeing the mark, I wouldn't like to guess.

thanks for writing in.....

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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