Akoya Pearl Necklace: 8.0-8.5mm price in 1995

by Emily
(murray, utah usa)

i looked until i found the right size and type but it is hard to tell length from a pic so after looking a lot i found what looked to be a match in length white akoya and they were 8.0-to 8.5 mm.

I remember that much from the authenticity card that it came with. i never sold them but they were taken and i never saw them again. it was a present from my grandma for my 16th birthday. everyone made such a big deal about them but i didn't know anything about pearls. they were just special to me because she gave them to me.

I would like to get some that are similar and after looking the closest I found was around 6400.00 retail. i would really like to know how much they were when they were given to me in 1995. i can't find a chart like you can with gold or silver and value over time. so even something like that would be helpful. thank you.

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