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Alessandria Italy Gold Jewelry Mark
by: Salisburysantiques2


I am inquiring about an Alessandria Italy Gold Jewelry Mark. The name on the earring is in cursive and I am unable to discern it. The best I can make of it is: Del Fejibis?

The metal purity is marked 750, and the next mark is: (star symbol) *606 (or 608) AL, for Alessandria, Italy. I was also able to determine the following;

"The hallmark consists of a "star", a number (identifying the silversmith) and a two letters alphabetic code (identifying the province)"

Can you help me determine the meaning of this code number? I am hoping that information will help me be able to identify the maker. Thanks so very much for your help!

Italian Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Scot, thank you for your question.

750 in a squared diamond cartouche is the Italian gold mark for 18k

Concerning the letters " AL "

The markings AL that appear before each of the different numbers on each ring most probably is the town mark - AL for ALESSANDRIA, Italy

Italy used numbers on occasion when the maker was unknown - this type of number marking was used ca. 1935 - 1968.

Best Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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