AL Scratched Intials on Ring Help

by Pam

If I were a young girl and somebody very important to me gave me a ring as a gift I might scratch that person`s initials on the ring. Or, if I was giving the ring as a gift I might scratch the recipient`s initials on the ring ( a kid`s way of giving a monogrammed gift).

It`s very common for kids/young teens to do that sort of stuff. I would definitely stay focused on the 2 rings in this investigation. My gut tells me it`s likely her parents/guardians were involved or her significant other. Is there any way to know if this girl had been pregnant at the time she died? It`s hard for me to imagine that an adult woman would wear a defaced ring unless it was given to her from a child who defaced it purposely.
Maybe A.L. was a young child in 1970/71?

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Parents or Guardians Involved
by: Anonymous

Hi Pam

thank you for your comments on this crime investigation - it is very much appreciated!

What makes you think it was her guardian or parents? Was it just your gut instinct or some other clue you got from the case description?

You don't think she might have scratched the initials of the assailant in the ring?


AL Scratched on ring
by: Kari Lee

We have checked and we are not able to determine one way or the other regarding having had children. Thank you for your comment.


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