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by: Anonymous

thanks for getting back to me, to answer additional questions about the ring:

the diamonds on each side of the box is of geometrical shape and iv'e looked a little closer at the animal in the box, it seems to be a rabbit or bird, i can see something hanging off the back of it's head maybe ears or a feather it also has an eye, it's very small and the animal faces to the right.i think it is just a band and see no evidence of a stone attachment. the arrows are plain with no feathers, geometrically they have the same length line for the shaft as do the lines for the points...thank you for your time and my search is becoming more exciting!!

Old Ring Found | Metal Dectecting
by: Anonymous

Hi David, sounds exciting. The date of the house however hasn't got much to do with the date of the ring. The ring could be older. For instance, the original owner could have purchased or inherited an antique ring.

It might not even be the original owners. So determining the marks on the jewelry is essential. In order to direct our research in the right area, is the "diamond" mark a diamond geometric shape or a diamond shape like what you see in a diamond ring? Does the arrow have feathers or not? Are there any stones in the ring?

A jeweler can test the metal and determine the Caratage. Also you can buy digital gold metal testing equipment on the internet and test the metal yourself.

Happy Hunting!
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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