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24K Gold Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Hi Mel thanks for writing in!

24 Karat gold is often called 'fine gold'.

24 Karat gold is from 99.0% to 99.9% pure gold depending on a country's laws. In China, 24 Karat gold is called "Chuk Kam", which means "pure gold" and has a gold minimum of 99.0%.

According to the World Gold Council, in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, 24 carat (Karat) gold is the typical caratage (fineness)."

There is very little 24 karat gold jewellery sold in other parts of the world. Beautiful jewelry manufacturer in Turkey - see photo underneath.

24 Karat gold is soft and not very durable for jewelry. I wouldn't be wearing this antique gold bracelet with the 24K gold clasp anywhere outside the home.

Mixing other metals to create a gold alloy gives strength and hardness to gold jewelry. This means gold jewelry wears better, is less scratch resistant and will not be damaged or distort as readily as 24 Karat gold jewelry.

Just another thing, the 24K mark on the clasp doesn't mean the whole bracelet is 24 K. 24K is a rich, saturated bright yellow color. Does the color of the bracelet itself match the color of the clasp marked 24K ?

Here is a pic of 24K gold by Kurtulan - Turkey.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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