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i'm brand new so please be gentle and i need help
by: vince


"TREASURES OF PRIAM" causal nexus for Revival Jewelry from the mid 1800s.
by: Anonymous

Hi the gold bracelet you describe sounds very exotic.
The number 15 would be the gold purity mark. 15ct is the Victorian standard.

15K, 15ct or 625 parts per 1000 or 62.5 % gold - British Commonwealth countries. Discontinued c1935. It is a good indicator that the jewelry is an antique.

In 1869, the " Treasure of Priam" was discovered by Heinrich Schliemann in 1869. During this time, jewelry designs were inspired by archaeological and earlier finds.

This photo is of Scliemann's wife adorned in the "Treasures of Priam".

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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