Antique Native American Bracelet and Earrings

by Barbara
(phoenix, arizona, us)

This native american bracelet is approximately 4 inches in height, and 8 inches in width. It has 73 turquoise stones, it is an antique turquoise bracelet that I received from a friend a few years ago.

The back of the bracelet is solid silver, with a 3 ringed silver wrist band. it's original appraisal price is $2,250. The earrings are antique sterling silver, with a single turquoise stone, and then one large, and 4 smaller stones of opal or coral.

All is in-tact, and the earrings dangle from the small turquoise stone, while the rest of the stones dangle. The original appraisal for the earrings by themselves is approximately $150-$450.

I would like to try sell both pieces together, and would like to see them go for a price of $750, or you can make me an offer, but I am unable to accept anything under $550.

Both pieces of jewelry, including both earrings and bracelet, are handcrafted. I apologize, for I am unable to produce a picture of the earrings at the present time, but will be able to do so soon if you would like me to send you an e-mail.

Please reply in comments here if you are interested.

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