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Natural Pearls & Certification
by: Yvonne

Good Morning Deepak

Personally I feel that GIA is one of the best laboratories for a pearl report. Deepak, never-to-be-forgotten, in reference to "certification" is the conundrum that laboratories don't actually "certify" anything. "Certification" in context with Natural Pearls is a bit of Philistine term when applied here. Laboratories provide "reports" that state their professional opinion, based on laboratory tests and observation.

Close-up photos, would be your next step. In the west, experts generally like to see pearls photographed against a white background however I also like to see pearls against a red background.. A red cloth is traditionally, from days of old until today, the only acceptable way to handle Natural Gulf Pearls. The contrast in the two colors, I think, makes it easier to understand their quality.

Deepak, assuming these pearls are natural pearls, the quality and size, will largely determine their value.

Warm Regards
Yvonne Hammuda-Eyre

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