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makers mark w/s inside shield
by: edward g h

did you ever find the definitive answer as to who crafted this ring, as I too have a beautiful mens ruby set in 14 kt P. it's just this makers mark stumps me! i keep trying to have a go at it about one a week and nothing. the obscure russian, french, roman/greek items ive ID'ed seems like quite the task. its something about this ring i just really want to with ALL my gems that come thru my shope that I decide to add to my personal collection. any help would be much!

Edward G H
owner of
Hollan Brothers Gallery
5 locations in the midwest*

Mothers Rings | White Gold or Rhodium Plated
by: Anonymous

Hi Rachel

The mother's ring was a wonderful seller! It was a brand name at the time and was actually two wedding bands joined by the birthstones of the children. Mothers Rings had an irresistible appeal during the Mother's Day season. The idea was a major win for Helzberg diamonds.

Are you sure the metal is white gold. It might be sterling silver plated in Rhodium. Rhodium is one of the six metals in the platinum group of metals. It is used to plate silver because it is hard and keeps its shiny appearance.

If it is silver it might be WAYNE SILVERSMITHS, Inc. (on Sterling Silver items, Yonkers, NY, USA) - ca 1950s - Present. not sure though.

also have a search in the link to US Jewelry Marks 1922 that can be found in the Jewelry Resources Here.

best wishes

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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Barnett Helzberg (2003). John Wiley and Sons. ed. What I Learned Before I Sold to Warren Buffet

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