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Native American Jewelry, Gold Filled & Diamonds
by: Rebecca

Lindsay - do you know of any Native American jewelers that used gold filled metal? Also what information do you have on Native American Jewelry & Diamonds? Are you saying Lindsay that diamonds are not used at all in Native American Jewelry? It's really not that old in terms of antique jewelry.


Sorry but it doesn't look Navajo
by: Lindsay

I have quite a bit of Navajo jewelery and have done a lot of research as well. The two major reasons are the fact that it is gold filled and it has a diamond lead me to think this way. Especially if it is old.

GW Native American Indian Marks
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Hi Ashley

congratulations on either your Native American or Native American inspired ring! The Turquoise gem and feather motifs are indicators of Navajo jewelry. The Navajo learned their metalwork from the Mexicans and by 1900 silver making was well established. Some Navajos now create better quality jewelry some made with multicolored hard-stones and metals besides Silver.

The 12 GF mark could indicate gold filled, this is material in which a gold tube is filled with jewelers core metal. So the material of the tube around the core is in fact gold.

GW could indicate the maker. I did a quick search for GW signature and Navajo jewelry - Glen Willie, but unless we can see the mark we have no way to identify.

Here you can see a silver turquoise ring made by Glen Willie, and you will notice on either side of the turquoise the identical circular swirls that also appear on your ring.

In the Jewelry Resources there is a link with the title "Native American Indian Hallmarks" it is opposite the revolving globe of visitors.

Ashley you can click on the link and compare the GW mark with your mark. Glen Willie mark is on Sterling in the image but he might also work with other metals. Traditional Navajo jewelry is usually made of silver.

Good Luck!!

Best Regards

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