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14k with missing number - still valuable? - absolutely!
by: Anonymous

Hi Ben, thanks for writing in but you didn't mention how old the ring was?

the mark you describe is most likely the standard mark -" 14K " but the number "1" in front of the 4 is missing because it is an antique gold ring and has worn away over time or else the ring has been worn a lot OR the ring is plated in 14k gold and the One has worn away. Examine the marks with a jewelers loupe or strong magnifying glass. Under close inspection you might find the feint signs of a mark. Info on what the jewelers loupe can tell you can be found here.

14 k is 58.5% gold and the most common gold standard in US. If you do not have digital gold testing equipment your local jeweler can acid test for you. Of course, it is still valuable, in fact if the marks are wearing away, it lends character and warmth to the jewel and also shows it is old and has been loved. Don't forget to add to the gold store of value, the age store of value, and last but not least the value of the diamond- a girl's best friend!

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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