approx how much is it my necklace worth

by vicki smith

Hello, my mother recently pasted away and going thru her jewelry I came across a box with a set of majorica pearls in it.

could you tell me anything as to how much they might be worth. in the box was also a certificado de garantia international then hand written in it says the store name and address in st Thomas date of purchase was -7-14-69- description is -choker 9mm- color looks like -c rose- and then no del collar is 2431629 but may be 2431624. the necklace itself has a clasp that is in a eye shape with a pearl in the center and 2 small diamond? chips on the side.

can you give me any information on the worth or if not how do I find out about it. I live in small town so there is no one to check with here. thank you for any help you can provide me. Vicki

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