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Other kind of Orienta necklace
by: Anonymous

I don't know if Orienta pearls have value but I do have an Orienta pearl necklace that was purchased in 1957 from a very nice jewelry store in Washington D.C. This necklace was sold as a finished necklace and the add a pearl idea was not an option. It was complete. It still is.

Leys Christie & Co
by: Anonymous

Good Morning!

your double strand of Orienta Cream Pearls sound beautiful!

"ORIENTA" is a trade name- LEYS CHRISTIE & Co.- circa 1950s [Pearls]

Leys Christie & Co was founded in 1896. They specialize in Genuine Pearls.

Besides the body or exterior color, some higher quality pearls reveal an overtone which reflect a pearls "heart." Overtones are translucent colors which might appear over the top of the pearl's main bodycolor, which you mention are Cream in color, although some pearls have no overtones at all.

I would have this piece of jewelry appraised. I have a wonderful network of jewelry appraisal professionals at my fingertips. If you wish to have your item appraised through Antique Jewelry Investor. The Jewelry Appraisal Form To Get You On Your Way Can Be Found HERE!

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