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Could they be Tahitian Pearls?
by: Anonymous

The cranberry colured pearls could be aubergine black pearls. Well, there is a possibility. Pearls from the Pinctada margaritifera oyster, referred to as Tahitian or Black Pearls come in the shades of aubergine, blue, green and grey, all with various hues. Hardly ever true Black.

You can find more information (and a colour chart) about South Sea & Tahitian Pearls Here...

Best of Luck!

by: Anonymous

Sound lovely Barb, they could also be synthetic pearls. Have you tried the tooth test? Are they all identical in size and shape?

Cranberry Dyed Pearls
by: Yvonne

Good Morning Barb

would need to see the mark to give an opinion on the mker of the clasp, however it's definitely not Mikimoto.

The size of the pearls would be of interest. Large multi-colored south sea pearl strands have been at the height of fashion within the political fashion arena for years, and can be seen adorning the necks of some of the most powerful women in politics. Pearls give a certain conservative edge. Nancy Pelossi famously wears strands of pearls, and multi colored south sea pearls are a favorite.

The cranberry cloured pearls in your strand have been dyed as mother-of-pearl does not produce this color in nature and because you mentioned this colour I'm guessing your pearls are dyed freshwater cultured pearls.

Yours Sincerely

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