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Mikimoto Fakery
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Victoria, contrary to what I've read on the internet by the legion of miki-mouse experts, not all early Mikimoto pearls were signed by the company, like they are today, in fact many leading jewelry names were not signed in their early start-up history.

In fact, eBay sell clasps with the "Mikimoto" signature - many are fake - meaning, some people buy the clasps and attach the clasp to whatever strand of pearls they have on hand - unwary buyer purchases what they believe to be genuine Mikimoto pearls when in reality they have a fake clasp and a fake string of "Mikimoto" pearls. And they have just been re-strung! As a result, I lean towards "sceptical" when examining vintage pearls with a brand spanking new Mikimoto clasp. It is very sad that his is happening as it will devalue authentic Mikimoto pearls. I pay more attention when I value vintage pearls today on the pearls themselves.

Best Regards

Are these genuine Mikimoto pearls?
by: Victoria

Wow, I am both pleased and surprised as I felt the clasp was not a genuine Mikimoto one - no clamshell or M, and just the "silver" on the reverse of the clasp. I don't think these have ever been re-strung and are in the condition they were bought in - first class!
Thank you, I will get back to you regarding the valuation.

Pearl Valuation - Im an Appraiser:-)
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

if they came in the box from Malaysia marked for Mikimoto and your Mum lived in Malaysia during this time and purchased the pearls from the company also marked on box- I think we can pretty safely say they are Mikimoto pearls. They look beautiful and I can see that each pearl is individually hand-knotted.

I would love to assist you further with a pearl valuation. Due to the volume of inquiries, I am know offering visitors a - jewelry appraiser valuation service which is quick and can be done online and a valuation certificate completed within 48 hours. It is perfectly suitable for pearls.

Kind Regards

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