AWC - dating this ring & obtaining approx value

by Hans Rich
(Cape Town South Africa)

What is the item? 18c Gold Ring with 5 diamonds

Can you please provide all background information? Unfortunately no info available since the ring was from my late father's estate who owned a small buy & sell antique/collectors shop.

What are the markings? there are 4 insets where the first have the letters AWC and then two unidentified squiggles,next is a crown then 18 followed by a shield on its side /triangle with the point on rhs with 3 inset motives -could be flowers but worn the last is the letter A -I guess denotes the year although this font cannot be referenced in any year chart.

The feet of the A return back to form a curl on either side.The apex of the A is very narrow. There is also a 31 stamped after these hallmarks and in my opinion was stamped at a latter time. Two jewelers that i asked to date the ring gave the opinion the ring was from the 19th century but could not be specific.

Where are the markings?All the markings are inside the band reading left to right. Finally I would like to know if there is a method where the diamonds could be sized without actually removing them from the ring?

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