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Walking Stick Handle marked GOLD
by: Anonymous

Hi W Parker I believe we are looking at the handle of a walking stick? If it were solid gold - and with the price of gold how it is - I would advise you to retire! I believe it to be plated. Whenever I see GOLD or SOLID GOLD markings on metal I get suspicious. In the 1800s there were a lot of rings marked SOLID GOLD that were actually heavy gold filled and many are still in circulation today.

If you examine the metal closely with a jewelers loupe or a magnifying glass you may be able to notice wearing away clues especially as it is the handle of a walking stick, unless it wasn't used very much.

If you are still unsure your local jeweler can acid test the metal and confirm the composition and it shouldn't cost very much to carry out this test.

I must say it is a very interesting piece.
thanks for writing in.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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