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Non-imitation Barqoue Pearls are all different shapes
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Joyce

it depends on whether the pearls are natural pearls, cultured, or synethetic baroque pearls. Baroque pearls come in so many different shapes and sizes and so you could imagine the difficulties in matching this type of wild, free-form pearl. If all the pearls are an identical 'mishappen' shape (the word "baroque" is from the Portuguese word that means- mishappen) they would most likely be synthetic baroque pearls.

Everything I've discovered over the years in researching the history of art and jewelry confirms for me, that the arts all overlap. Baroque pearls have come in out out of fashion, in a similiar way to baroque music that followed the renaissance.

In the 1970s Baroque came back into favour with the re-discovery of Pachelbel's (German Baroque music composer) Canon in D major.

Yours Sincerely


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