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Help- its Rose Gold
by: Amanda

I have a rose gold bracket that reads 375 and is stamped with 9ct on each link.. Is this a good quality of gold and is it definitely rose gold?

Gold ring hallmark help
by: Chris miller

I have a gold ring with the words saying... OB, three crowns and G?

Chris, this thread is asking about the marks on this particular antique gold bracelet. if there is no relation with the marks on this bracelet with the marks inside your ring, could you please ask the question on the hallmark help forum or alternatively you might try searching this site for the search term - OB - the OB maker's mark has been covered before.

Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team.

hmmmm - Cartier Rhombus
by: Anonymous

i believe that the cartier rhombus is correct

Read This| Maze Mark
by: Anonymous

I have a chain that has the same maze mark. Mine is Italian, made by Nicholas Cola of Vicenzia. Hand made, high caret gold, 750= 18K.

More Information Requested
by: Anonymous


could you please attach three photos and send to the following email address:

  • One photo should be the actual marks
  • The second that of the entire item, and
  • The third that of a larger area surrounding the mark

    Also any information in relation to the following:

    1. When and how acquired, for example: inherited from grandma 10 years ago when she was in her 80s  OR  purchased at a Flea Market or Auction 6 years ago  OR  picked it up at a Garage Sale from a French family 2 years ago etc

    2. Any related family history that may help in focusing our research to a particular Period or Region, for example: I remember seeing it at my grandma's house since I was a little child while still in Virginia  OR  my grandma brought it with her from Germany in the 1950s  OR  my husband found it at a Flea Market in Oregon 20 years ago etc

    3. Any other information you may have already discovered and any other details that will help.

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