Black Pearls Blues - some advice wanted

by Jana
(san diego, ca)

I have a huge in black pearl strand multi colored absolutely gorgeous, grade A pearls ranging from 7 to 8 millimeters but my strand got ripped and lost two of them so instead of 48 there's now 46 and I haven't gotten it restrung yet. It had a costume made clasp, with some 14k yellow gold.

it goes with every single color you put it with - its absolutely outstanding, unfortunately because of some unfortunate events have to sell.

I'm from Kauai and pearls have much value over there, but here in California I seem to be having a hard time finding a place that would offer me a decent amount of money - I bought 3 years ago for a little over 4,000 and the most been offered me is 700 - what should I do?

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