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Black Pearls Valuation
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Good Morning Betty
we have arranged through Antique Jewelry Investor with a wonderful team of jewelry professionals who are experts in their respective fields to Appraise Jewelry and Pearls. Certification that these pearls are natural pearls from a GIA lab, before appraisal would be advantageous. Best Wishes, Yvonne

The Jewelry Appraisal Form On Antique Jewelry Investor Can be Found HERE

Turn of the century pearls
by: Anonymous

In order to make a claim like that, that holds water, the owner will have to prove what he says. At the turn of the century the pearls would be natural or faux. Only a lab can determine if they are naturals- a certificate from the GIA would increase the value and give an appraiser something to work with. The lab does not appraise.

As for turn of the century, provenance could help establish that. If they are natural they will be quite valuable, though pearl size and shape and length of the necklace will contribute to the value. And the clasp.


Identifying Natural Pearls
by: Anonymous

A regular appraisal would need to be done, at a lab like GIA that has the technology to identify natural pearls since that might be the case with these pearls. Provenance would also be important.

Florescent Light & Black Pearls
by: Anonymous

there is an interesting little test you can do before you fork out a lot of money to have pearls tested at an expensive laboratory which involves fluorescent lighting and can also determine if black pearls in todays' marketplace have been radiated. The radiation method only works well apparently for pearls with a thin transparent outer nacre.

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