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Tie Pin Caravat Pin, Jabot Pin
by: Anonymous


you didn't mention how long the pins were, but the box they are in is small - indicating the pins are small, so I'm thinking they might be stick pins, tie pin, a decorative pin worn inserted into a necktie or scarf. The was a great variety of ornamentation, including Ggemstones, Coral and Pearls, etc. If it has zigzag grooving down the pin stem, you can date them. Some of the pins were made in pairs joined by a chain and worn together. Yvonne

The Edwardian Hatpin Craze
by: Yvonne

Good Evening

Susan, I'd love to see photos of your Majorica Hatpins, which are immensely collectible but of no longer any modern use. Edwardian hat-pins were beloved by the hat-obsessed era. The bigger the hat, the longer the pin and some hatpins measured up to an incredible 35.5cm - a whopping 14 inches, causing some US states such as Oregon to legislate against them, considering the long hatpin a dangerous weapon!

During the Edwardian era, thousands of hatpins were produced.

They were made from black Whitby jet, Italian micro-mosaic, Japanese Satsuma porcelain through to the finest jewelry designs by Lalique that took the forms of butterflies and moths in flight and even the Ancient Egyptian scarab beetles. Many hatpins had personal meanings. A huntswoman may have preferred a fox's head or a lady golfer would have one designed in the shape of a golf club.

But functionality eventually won out, and by 1926 when short, bobbed hair became fashionable the hatpin fad was finished.

Marjorica pearls have been making imitation pearls since 1870 - and your collection of Pearl hatpins would be from the Edwardian era. The numbers could be batch or design numbers, not sure. Great they're boxed! Susan in what condition are the pearls, as they would be very early Marjorica Pearls, and quite possibly over 100 years.
What a remarkable find!

Best Wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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