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Imitation Pearls
by: Anonymous

Val - Congratulations for having the courage to destroy one of your pearls. Lucky they were fakes!

Fake/Faux pearls are also known as synthetic or imitation pearls and most have a glass or varnish coating, like the one you cut :-) they have no intrinsic value as a gem stone because well, they are not gems.

Information on Majorica Pearls, can be found Here... they could be described as the Masters of Synthetic Pearls.

A less destructive test but by all means not as conclusive as smashing a pearl is the pearl imitation
tooth test.

Imitation or synthetic pearls are smooth to the tooth while Cultured Pearls have a slightly "gritty" feel.

The description provided sounds like a type of pearl called a "BAROQUE Pearl" and these pearls have an irregular shape. They are also called "Nugget Pearls" and usually sell at a lower price than round cultured pearls. There is a wide variety of surface textures, and they may have blemishes and "wrinkled" surfaces.

Your Pearls are most likely Synthetic Baroque Pearls and some find these type of faux pearls more interesting than the average synthetic round faux pearls. The champagne colour of your pearls sounds delicious too!

Cutting your pearls is one thing, but don't go ingesting them! Although history does record that Queen Cleopatra did just that; with a dissolved Natural Pearl.

Best Regards

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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