can pearls be matched to a necklace from 1979-80?

by Deidre
(Westminster, California)

I got a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings from my parents when I was about to turn 18. I have lost one of the earrings, and I could kill myself for basically destroying the pearl necklace by wearing it with a gold necklace. Over half of the pearls on it were abraded.

The set was purchased by a japanese friend of my parents directly from Tokyo or Osaka; and I haven't been able to locate that company's name except for in real estate.

If you could get a real good look at them they have the most amazing pink/rose/cream color that I haven't found anywhere. The earring is 6mm (I think) and the necklace is 4mm (again, I think). And, please don't ask me to send them to you and you'll "see what you can do" Thanks for any assistance you can give me.
I tried to upload a picture but I couldn't get it down to less than 1mb.

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