Can you halp me with these Gold Markings ?

I have a 10 gram round, solid gold coin / token. It is blank on one side, but on the other side it shows the gram weight and the gold finess as follows .... P.B. 10,12gr. And, P.F. ,985 . **** Do you have any idea what the letters "P.B. " and " P.F. " stand for ? It also has a serial number, and the letters " O / S " at the top. *Plus, in the numerical listings of the gram weight and finess, it has "commas", instead of periods or decimal points.

I was thinking that maybe the "P" stands for either "Plumb" or maybe " Purity", and the " B " stands for "Bullion" and the " F " stands for " Finess ", but I really have no idea.

Not sure what countries would use commas instead of dots or periods in their numerical listings. This item looks like it may have been a un-used, rejected Gold Bullion Round, from a company such as Credit Suisse, etc., which is why there is no Company Logo imprinted on the one side.

I won this item on Ebay, so if you have the time and want to take a look at the item, to get a better idea of what I'm trying to ask, or find out, you can go to , and in the "search" area, type in this auction number - 270552653720 . Any reply or info you might have, would be greatly appreciated. I do Thank You for your time, and hopeful response, Karl .

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