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Pearls from Mysore Palace
by: Nirmala

It was bought at an auction in mysore in 1973 when they were auctioning out the mysore palace goods. my father was a major buyer in the auction and these pearls came along in one of those brass boxes we had bought; we never gave much importance to them until recently my son was playing with these pearls and one of our friends felt they were naturals and i thought before sending it to a lab i might find out if it is worth sending it to a lab for testing.

Natural or Freshwater Pearls
by: Anonymous


that's one way to find out if there is a bead nucleus in the pearl or not (but not recommended =) Nirmala was the seller based in India, are pearls from waters around India?

Warm Regards


Can u help me id these pearls
by: Nirmala

Hi,these pearls were purchased in an auction in 1973 along with other things. they are not stained as far as i checked, the pics are of two different sets of pearls. the pic was taken in the sunlight has a dark pink or reddish overtone. i had smashed one pearl and there is no bead inside. they are from 8mm-15mm. they are either freshwater pearls or naturals. i read thet freshwaters don't come in natural golden colors. no idea how far true it is. hope to find out more about these pearls.

Multi-colored pearls
by: Yvonne

Good Morning Raman

that's interesting and unusual colorings on your pearls. Have you any idea if they are natural pearls? Do you know if these pearls have been colored or stained to obtain this color zoning? Are the two photos of the same pearls or are they two different groups of pearls? Looking forward to your reply so that we can research further.

Warm Wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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