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Another ring from same family
by: Dawn

I have now noticed that another family ring has a similar marking, also with a B after the 18, but unlike the first ring in the photo this one has 18BKt, the B is smaller than the other characters just like the ring in the photo.

This second ring belonged to the daughter of the owner of the first ring posted in the photo, and she was married in 1895 in Indiana.

I will now need to have both rings tested.
Thank you for your comments.

Metal stamping act
by: Rodney

The metal stamping act was brought in 1906. Previous to that, in Europe 18k was the standard. In England, 9 ct and 15 ct were legalized in 1854, so jewelry made in England after this year could be 9, 15, OR 18ct.
Hope this info might help you. Rodney

Brief History of US Hallmarks
by: Anonymous

Hi Dawn - Many people confuse hallmarks with makers' marks. A hallmark is nothing more than an indication of metal content, a guarantee of purity or quality, which may include a maker's mark and other marks. In the U.S., no hallmarks were initially required. In the late 18th and early 19th century, local regulations were established in New York, Boston, Baltimore, and elsewhere. Verifying US hallmarks before those dates is quite tricky. Does it test 18K? You can buy Gold testing equipment over the internet, or alternatively your local jewelry can test the gold composition for you.

Thanks for your question!

Hallmark Guru Team
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