Cannot Identify my Pearl Necklace

by Julian

I bought a pearl necklace at an estate sale recently. As if I were trying to find the model number and details of a specific digital camera, and what is was worth at retail value and selling it used- Basically I am trying to do that with this necklace. What kind of pearls, the kind (if not fake)- what it means. The value. The name. Etc.

First thing I did was read the clasp. It is: 'BL writtin inside of a square 585'
So possibly 14K gold, I found that BL stands for Blue Lagoon, and the clasp has 3 diamonds.
I took it to a pawn shop. Gold and diamonds are real, they didn't know much about pearls.

After searching the Internet, I found dozens of necklaces that looked the same, however, none of them had the three diamonds on the clasp that this one does. I saw titles such as 'Mikimoto' and 'Blue Lagoon Sea Collection'.

None had the three diamonds though. Also, on some, the back of the clasp is solid as opposed to the clasp on mine which is not.

Trying to find out where this piece came from, where it would be found to buy at retail value and what type of pearls they are.


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