Can't Figure Out Hallmark/Signature

by Angelica Walsh
(Dallas, TX)

My Ring

My Ring

I recently purchased an antique ring with an elaborate 14K white gold filagree band, carved and hammered onyx stone with etched roses, a rose cut diamond set in a diamond shape setting in the center of the onyx, along with yellow and rose gold rosettes on the side. I have seen another ring like this, only it had a sapphire as the center stone and seed pearls along the outside, and, after inspecting the area under the rosettes on my ring, I noticed a seed pearl trapped under there. So, the ring originally also had seed pearls.

Here's what I am wondering: I noticed a "14" mark on the band of the ring, which I understand means it is 14K gold. However, there is a mysterious marking to the right of it. I took a magnifying glass to the mark, but I still can't tell exactly what it says. It either says "4BR," "4BB," "BBR," "RBR," etc. I have looked for hallmark/signature identification online and I can't find anything. Could you help me identify what this mark means?

I will attach some pictures of the ring!

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