Cigarette holder, G.J, 9, .375, anchor (side), letter 'i'

by Nadine

I have a cigarette holder made of bone or plastic and the top looks more like a copper colour than gold.

The hallmark is G.J - 9 -.375 - an anchor lying on it's side and the letter i.

I can't say for sure who the G.J is.
Because the top looks more copper than gold I don't understand how it can have a gold hallmark.

I think the letter 'i' refers to 1924 but I saw several different references to this so really unsure now.

It comes in a silver case, where the top has been worn away so part of the hallmark is missing. possibly H.P & S (followed by a thick hyphen) then 'k' - a 3 leg lion? - and possibly a cat head.
It even looks like a second hallmark has been imprinted on top of the initials so this is putting me off. It looks like the lover half of the letters S B.

I seem to be running round in circles trying to date this.

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