Circles & Triangle Hallmark |Need info on Old Diamond Ring

I have a 7 stone diamond cluster ring; they are not small diamonds. it looks to be at least a carat maybe more, it is old' - It has no markings at all on it ... it is obviously gold and diamonds, they are very clear and bright.

my question is how can i find out about this ring with no markings on it.

It has a platform the diamonds sit on and it is square on the top the diamonds are inside the square.. the platform consists of 4 sides 2 sides of triangular lines and other 2 sides with circles sitting on a small gold band. I bought it about 20 years ago and it is an older item. It is a gorgeous item. You can see inside the platform and see where the diamonds are set but there are no markings inside it or on the ring.

I am wondering if anyone knows anything about a company or designer that might have used the circles and triangles as a hallmark design at some time.

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