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Ciro Pearls - Pearl Imitations and Freshwater Pearls
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Anna

I'm guessing you are meaning CIRO Jewelry. The company was established in 1917 and continues its reputation for high quality imitation jewellery and pearls. They started trading as a mail order costume jewelry company selling costume jewelry, clip on earrings, and cultured pearls. With the launch of the imitation pearl in the 1920s CIRO became a much sought after brand with the elegant flapper girls and early film stars. During the great depression costume jewelry was an affordable extravagence.

Their current freshwater pearls necklaces (December 2014) are stunning:

Ana if they are Ciro Pearls they might be freshwater pearls? Freshwater pearls are not faux pearls.

Information on identifying faux pearls from other types of pearls can be found Here...
The tooth test is described on the page at the above link and it is one of the most popular "genuine pearl from imitation pearl" tests. If they are Freshwater Pearls they will test positive.

If you are trying to sell your Ciro Pearls have you considered listing them on the Jewelry Exchange?

Best Regards

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