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Magnetic Clasps
by: Teagan

When these clasps work they can be very user friendly for jewelry wearers with long fingernails or have arthritis or other issues causing limited use of their hands or fingers.

by: Bren

Go with a magnetic clasp!! I've changed all mine as well as several elderly clients! Easy to use and less cumbersome than traditional clasps, precious or non precious metal, whatever works, one can always change the clasp with a restringing for minimal cost!

Clasps for Freshwater
by: Yvonne

Good Morning K

a catch of graceful freshwater pearls beyond the reach of art, sounds like the perfect birthday gift, to me, for your 20 year old daughter.

One really needs to see the strand - the style of clasp would depend on how the strand is threaded too. Is the strand knotted?

There are a variety of clasps to choose from, from sterling silver starting at $20 to 18 k gold and over $200. Traditional pearl clasps to modern clasps. Also keep in mind, the pearls may need to be rethreaded, as one needs to detach the strand from the original ring clasp.

K, if you can't find a pearl threader in your area, Contact me as I have a small dedicated & professional team of Pearl threaders, and offer a pearl rethreading service. We have a selection of clasps that would be suitable, when we see the necklace. Turn around time is approx 3 weeks.

Best Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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