Crowned Harp | Gold Ring?

by paula

Hi Hallmark Guru,

I was given a gold diamond ring from my mother that originally belonged to my grandmother. Inside the band, lightly etched, are the numbers 599/4 or it could be 59914 with the "14" slightly lower.

Just after the numbers are three stamps: the first mark is a crown within a square with the corners cut-off, the second is an "18" within a square with the corners cut-off and the third mark is a blank shield or crowned harp (shield with a point on top) and I am unable to tell if the shield is contained within a square or a circle, as it is a bit worn. Also, right beside the last mark are two dots ":", like a colon.

From my feeble attempts at research, I believe the numbers may be a maker's mark? and the crown indicates Great Britain, with the "18" being the karat of gold. I am stumped by the the shield and colon marks - I haven't been able to find any information on this. Any ideas?


Paula L.

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