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Fleur De Lys on Tiara
by: Anonymous

Hi Tina, thanks for writing in,

the metal in your crown, could be brass gilt, as already mentioned in previous post. The stones also sound pretty, are they glass/synthetic or natural stones?

Fleur De Lys figure quite a bit in jewelry marks, in particular, French hallmarks. One early 14th/ 15th Century hallmark is the Fleur De Lys in a lozenge, which is France - Paris on SILVER ca 1313 - 1466.

If you could send in three images, a close-up of the mark, an image of the mark and the surrounding area, and an image of the tiara itself, I'll try and see what we can find out about this mark.

Please send images to following email address:


best wishes

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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The Tiara and Where do you wear them?
by: Anonymous

Hi Tina, your crown sounds just beautiful! I can't speak for the marks, but I was wondering if the metal it's made from might not be brass gilt? I have collected a small amount of antique jewelry over the years and have always wondered about the tiara, and would love to know who wears them, besides brides and nobility and where?


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