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Feel difference between Majorca and cultured pearls
by: Anonymous

When you take a Majorca pearl between your teeth and rub them carefully between them you feel a "plastic" layer in contradiction to cultured pearls. When you rub them between your teeth you feel a hard "porcelain" layer.
This is the way for me to see/feel the difference. But it is very difficult to see and feel the difference between all kinds of cultured pearls as Yvonne already answered.

Majorica Pearl Identification
by: Anonymous

Hi Daniel thanks for writing in. It's getting increasingly more difficult, even for an expert, to distinguish the different types of pearls with the naked eye and evaluate them.

Even jewellers have a hard time trying to manage and keep track of developments in the cultured pearl industry. The countries like Japan, the traditional producing countries are losing ground and countries like Vietnam are surprising us. In addition to producing Akoyas, China produces not only fresh water cultured pearls of all varieties, with and without a nucleus, but also has a hand with South Sea cultured pearls.

Information on how Majorica pearls are made, and identifying majorica pearl tips can be found here.

with regards

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