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Egyptian made? definitley Egyotian style
by: Anonymous

While scarabs can appear in jewelry that is not made in Egypt, the style of this setting is characteristically Egyptian. You have not shown us the hallmarks, but should be able to match them here:

There is also an article on Egyptian Gold Marks translated from source language Arabic.

Most gold pieces are 12K or 18K. There may or may not be a national mark & date letter present, while gold content is likely to be marked in more than one spot.

Egyptian Scarab Brooch
by: Anonymous

Hi Irene

thanks for writing in. Well this fascinating piece of egyptian revival jewelry would definitely win if there was an Egyptian Scarab Jewelry contest! It appears to be quite large too.

Irene, you mentioned what the marks are not but haven't mentioned what the actual marks look like on this piece. It doesn't sound to me like they are Egyptian hallmarks.

Is there any chance of a photo of the marks?
You can upload a photo in a follow-up submission if you like. please type in the subject field Egyptian gold scarab brooch so that we can merge with your question here.

The finding provides a clue. The trombone or tube clasp was used at the end of the 19th century and continued to be used in Europe through the 1940s.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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