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Thanks for your Comment!
by: Yvonne

Good afternoon Bronwen!
Thank you for the extra information on Egyptian Hallmarks and the link you provided.
Warm Regards

More on Egyptian hallmarks
by: Bronwen

The Egyptian marks are shown upside down, as mentioned. If rotated 180 degrees, the 2 character mark that would then be on the left is 18 written using an Arabic alphabetic way of writing numerals. There is too much glare on the second mark to see much, but since it definitely does not look like the ibis that is the Egyptian national mark for gold, it is probably another Arabic letter indicating the time period during which the piece was made.

To compare your mark, see:

Egyptian Hallmarks | Pendant
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark thanks for writing in.

The image of the marks are actually upside down, but we stood on our heads ;-) and the image that's clear says "18" in arabic. which corresponds to the 750 mark. The other mark is not clear, possibly the sponsor's mark. They are Arabic letters but we can't see them clearly, it looks like there are two letters, both in arabic.

Yes, it looks to be authentic, Arabic is the spoken and written language of Egypt.

Warm Wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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