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Rose necklace
by: Gail

Found this strange necklace, quite a few years ago, looks like hand crafted roses. I can"t tell what it is, it looks silver, all the roses are different.The letters on the back are a circle with a dot in the middle, and the letters EH on the right side of it. Just curious as to what kind of metal it is.Tried to take a picture of it and they came out white. P.S. I almost through it out, so before I do please let me know what it is! Thank you

Shell or Composite Cameo
by: Anonymous

Hi Paula thanks for your question. Do you think the metal frames are made of gold? or perhaps gold colored metal? Is the cameo material made from shell or a composite material? There is an easy test you can do at home to test to identify shell from composite material. Let me now if you need more info.

Are they antique cameo earrings or do you think they might be costume? Are the ear wires the original? As Antique cameo earrings will not have wires for pierced ears. The ear- wires also look quite modern.

They are quite beautiful cameo earrings and a good length too.

best wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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