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Mikimoto Fire Earrings
by: Sam

If you would be willing to ship the earrings to the United States, I would like to buy them. I have the Necklace for my daughter, but have been trying to find her the earrings.

Sam Shelanski

Mikimoto Elements of Life Collection
by: Anonymous

Hi Milouko

For those new to Mikimoto's Elements of Life Collection, it was first launched in the UK - and inspired by the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air) – the sources of life in the universe.

A bold call from the Cultured Pearl House of Mikimoto, in which Coloured sapphires and diamonds add sparkle to Akoya, Tahitian and White South Sea cultured pearls. The "ocean" was released first, as one would expect, cultured pearls are harvested from the ocean and it just makes perfect Mikimoto sense, that the ocean would lead the elements - the cool watery shades of the hard transparent gemstone meets the soft surface of gleaming white Akoya master pearl, underlining the watery quality from where the pearls were born.

To throw out a price comparison
New 18 inch Ocean Pearl strand of 7.5x7mm Akoya cultured pearl with a Mikimoto ball clasp in 18k white gold with graduated in color blue sapphire rondelles (3.85ct) retails for
$10, 500 USD

The Black Tahitian Pearl and the warm pink sapphires form the Fire Element. The combination of black pearl with pink sapphire is exotic and vibrant and reflects the heat of the fire element.

Tahitian Pearls are known for their robust size and size matters when it comes to pricing pearl.

Is it possible to include a photo of your earrings? If you could send a photo I can attach it to your submission manually. There could very well be an interested visitor on happy to invest in your beautiful Mikimoto Elements of Fire Earrings.

Best Regards

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