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Gold Scrapping
by: Max

Sounds like a very fine watch. Values for watches are hard to determine, but I'd strongly suggest you not to sell it, or to try and scrap the gold. You'll regret it.

They don't make watch-cases like this anymore, and should you think you made a mistake in the gold-scrapping, buying another case will cost a LOT.

Elgin Pocket Watch History
by: Jack

Hi - do not like to quote values but at 14K solid best to hang onto it with gold rising.

Serial Number SN Range Run Qty Name Year grade size code jewels Adj/reg/etc.

6642876 6635001 10000 1896 109 0s h3g1p 7j

grade total runs first yr last yr class size code jewels Adj/name

109 315000 68 1890 1899 60 0s h3g1p 7j

Class 60: 0s HC 3/4 pend model 1
109 315000 made 7j gilded
110 40000 made 11j
113 71000 made 11j gilded
129 13000 made 15j gilded
130 45000 made 15j
173 59000 made 7j
271 2000 made 16j ?


J. David

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