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Honestly, don't think it's Trifari
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am not an expert, but after a couple hours of browsing Trifari's chess jewelry, nothing looks like this piece. Here is the back of just a pin by Trifari:

I believe if this piece was truly Trifari it would imitate the smoothness and style of the other pieces, plus - if they put their inscription on just a pin, surely it would be on a whole bracelet? My piece, which is brass toned, has no markings on it at all. I do not think it is Trifari, but still curious about it, since there are so few comments and pics of it online. Thanks -christa

I have this in a bronze or gold overlay
by: Christa

Hi, my dad gave this to me about 30 years ago. Someone had given it to him and as we love chess, he gave it to me as a young teen. However unlike the one in the picture, mine appears gold toned - maybe brass? It doesn't seem to have tarnished over the past 30 years. And yes, I've been to busy, lazy, etc to just get it looked at - but I was raised in New York City - honestly, I just thought it some common cool looking costume jewelry. Never dawned on me it might be old or of value.

According to an article I read online, "Authentic Trifari jewelry is typically marked with "Jewels by Trifari," "TKF" (for Trifari, Krussman & Fishel), or "Trifari," depending on when it was made." My piece has no such lettering - another reason I assumed it of little or no value. I honestly wonder if it could be a manufactured copy if the design was Trifari, but when looking at the pictures of his work, I didn't really see anything that came close to this piece in weight and style. I was curious, my piece has one king, one queen, one bishop, one castle, two knights and four pawns - do the other pieces have the same? I would think the design would have to vary some to fit various size wrists. My piece is broken. The clasp is broken and three of the connecting links are missing. I was a bit surprised when I couldn't find the piece online anywhere, so now, with proper mystery in hand, I'll pursue finding out a bit more. Thanks!

I bought the same bracelet for a few dollars (NZ).

I purchased it last year. It's in excellent condition. Is it really worth that much? I'm floored. If anyone has any further info, please let us all know. Thank you.

Help Please - Chess Piece Bracelet
by: Marcus

Can anyone help me, my mother owned this bracelet and has had it stolen. I want to replace it with the same bracelet. Does anyone know where I can get a chess piece bracelet? Please email me. Thank you for your time. My email address is:


by: PP

I have this piece of jewelry - I only remember that an elderly neighbour gave it to me at least 20-25 years ago. I just found it when clearing out the loft - it doesn't have a chain/clasp but eight individual links with the chess pieces on. Would love to know more.. was amazed to find anything at all. Thanks!

Chess Set Jewelry
by: Anonymous

Chess Set jewelry is fun to collect and is among Trifari's most famous pieces, it was designed by Trifari's top designer, Alfred Philippe. Like LC says, it was at the height of popularity in 1945-46.

Does anyone know if Trifari signed his work or not? Julie

i have the same metal chess piece bracelet
by: Anonymous

hi i have the same metal chess piece bracelet in immaculate condition. it was my ex partner's grandmothers an given to me 13yrs ago. i am trying to find out a bit more about the bracelet and any help would be appreciated.

by: LC


I have the same bracelet. It was my mother's. She bought it in 1946. Not sure if it is an original or a copy. Bought in the USA.

Do you know the age?
by: Anonymous

Hello Anne, I would like to know how heavy this bracelet is and also do you know its age? Thank you Jenny

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