Freshwater? Have a beautiful pearl and diamonds necklace

by patty
(Gastonia, nc, usa)

freshwater pearls 72 on the stand plus a large one on the front that hangs from a line of diamonds.

14k on all gold areas.

"72" is marked on the back of the pendant area that holds the diamonds.I assume
to represent the number of pearls on the strand. I say freshwater because a local jeweler told me that when I stopped by asking for help in indentifing the markers mark.

I'm trying to learn what the value may be and if possible the age. hope the markers signature can help in dating the piece.

Thanks so much for any help you may be able to give to me on this.

It has a signature marked on the clasp that looks like two "J" letters touching back to back.

I'm having trouble getting the photo to load from my phone. I will send those this evening from home were the signal is better.

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