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Seed Pearl Jewelry
by: Cathy

Sorry! Marina only has one i. That was a typo.


Got it Cathy! Cheers Yvonne

Seed Pearler in California
by: Yvonne

Hi Cathy

thank you for the referral - yes, it is difficult to find people who work in the area of seed pearls. I'm sure many visitors will appreciate this information. Could you please check the email address - that marina has two i's?

Best Regards

Seed pearl restoration
by: Anonymous

Hi! I am also a collector of seed pearl jewelry and have purchased pieces in need of restoration. Very few people work with these tiny pearls, but I was fortunate to finally find someone who is very knowledgable and talented in working with seed pearls. Her name is Marina Feldman. She has an office in California. I am in New Jersey but was able to send by mail 2 necklaces for her to repair. I emailed her photos of my jewelry and she was able to quote a price for repair to me. She is very honest and very talented at repairing seed pearl jewelry and she even creates her own beautiful seed pearl jewelry. She can be reached at Hope it works out for you!

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